Dulwich Hill Physiotherapy - Limp in, leap out

I provide a comprehensive physiotherapy service offering:
Manual Therapy – appropriate hands on therapy
Musculoskeletal, sports therapy, massage therapy all available at Dulwich Hill PhysiotherapyManipulative therapy
Soft tissue therapy – which includes massage and hands on stretching
Muscle strength and stretching exercise programmes.
Electrotherapy including ultrasound
Plaster cast/splinting application
Supply and fit of braces and orthotics 

I treat all types of musculoskeletal problems:
Spinal pain - neck and back 
Back pain, musculoskeletal pain all treated at Dulwich Hill Physiotherapy 
Sports injuries
Joint pain, arthritis pain - all joints
Orthopaedic injuries – fracture management; before and after surgery
Work injuries
Mens health
Child and adolescent musculoskeletal and sports screening 
Gait analysis and balance training

What to expect

  • Treatment programs always include education about the injury, strength and stretching exercises and provide self management initiatives – the aim being to give you an active role in your recovery and injury prevention.

  • Physiotherapy treatments at Dulwich Hill Physiotherapy are one on one, with the whole treatment and every treatment performed by the same experienced physiotherapist. 

  • Each physiotherapy treatment session is determined by how you present. This allows me to modify and expand each treatment according to how you respond to the treatment program.

  • Whether it be work related or sporting injuries the treatment program is customised to you.

  • Physiotherapy treatment programs are predominantly exercise based, but also utilise manual therapies such as joint mobilisation/manipulation, muscle stretches and soft tissue techniques. 

  • This emphasis on structured treatment programs and appropriate injury advice and patient education promotes independent injury self management and helps you lessen the risk of further pain and injury.

Dulwich Hill Physiotherapy services the Inner West and surrounding areas including: Marrickville, Hurlstone Park, Canterbury, Lewisham, Earlwood, Summer Hill, Ashbury, Ashfield and Petersham
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