Dulwich Hill Physiotherapy - Limp in, leap out

Specific exercise therapy

Overcoming an injury or waiting for surgery?

Post orthopaedic surgery or fracture?

I can provide a specific exercise program and cater for joint or surgical procedures including joint reconstruction or replacement, ligament tears, following bone fractures.
Sports specific training programs
Sports physio available at Dulwich Hill Physiotherapy
I have extensive experience in treating running, rugby, soccer, cycling, netball, swimming, hiking, gym and even parachuting related injuries.
I can provide you with a individual, specific program that can be targeted to a specific injury, joint or muscle group.

Strength and fitness programs 

Starting a new exercise program, or just wanting to get fit?

Getting over an injury or illness and want to get fitter and stronger without causing further injury?
Core training and exercise rherapy at Dulwich Hill Physiotherapy
Have an ongoing back issue and need to improve your core strength?

Would like an individual training program but don’t have the time or confidence to attend a gym or an organised class?

Would like to get some advice before joining a gym or starting an exercise class?

I have extensive experience in providing exercise programs for general fitness, weight loss, muscle strength and flexibility and cardiac or respiratory rehab, and core muscle training.
Child and adolescent musculoskeletal and sports screening 

Adolescence, particularly during growth spurts, increases the stress on young bodies.

Injuries can occur more readily because of increased sports/physical activity or conversely due to increased sedentary activities resulting in poor posture.

I can assess and provide management of current musculoskeletal issues as well as provide and specific strength and flexibility exercises to help prevent injury. 

Dulwich Hill Physiotherapy services the Inner West and surrounding areas including: Marrickville, Hurlstone Park, Canterbury, Lewisham, Earlwood, Summer Hill, Ashbury, Ashfield and Petersham

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