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Dulwich Hill physiotherapy 6 Durham street Dulwich Hill
My Philosophy

Effective Physiotherapy is based on: 

  • Accurate diagnosis, 
  • Patient education that is easy to understand without confusing jargon, 
  • Exercise programs that are specific to the condition and easy to perform

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Dave Calman - Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist since 1987

30 years of  extensive clinical experience in physiotherapy - musculoskeletal, sports injury and orthopaedics.

I have worked in private practice, public hospitals, and 20 years as the senior physiotherapist and physiotherapy clinical educator with the army Holsworthy.

I have diagnosed and managed an enormous variety of musculoskeletal, sporting and orthopaedic injuries; acute and chronic; the simple and complex; old and young; occupational, sports and battlefield acquired.

I treat all types of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries across all age groups, and have a special interest in the rehabilitation of problematic shoulder and neck/back injuries. 

In my practice I employ a variety of treatment techniques including manual therapy, joint manipulation, massage and exercises. 

Dulwich Hill Physiotherapy services the Inner West and surrounding areas including: Marrickville, Hurlstone Park, Canterbury, Lewisham, Earlwood, Summer Hill, Ashbury, Ashfield and Petersham
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